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Improving the Quality of Life


Brain Fitness Centers of Florida is a dynamic organization founded to provide aid in the development and growth of a person's cognitive ability. Under the supervision of Stephen L. Scranton, M.D. F.A.C.P.,  Brain Fitness Centers of Florida combines the most advanced clinical medicine with unique and medically validated forms of brain exercises. 


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What's New?


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Latest Events

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida is proud to announce that we will be initiating a research study to examine the potential for cognitive training to reduce hospital readmissions for older adults.




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Our Mission


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Brain Fitness Centers of Florida is a patient centered community organization dedicated to improving the quality of life by improving cognitive function. We appreciate and understand individual differences and are committed to creating tailored solutions, based on each patients individual needs. 

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Who is a potential patient?

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida works with anyone with mild to moderate cognitive impairment or with anyone looking for a structured setting to improve their overall brain function and memory as a result of...

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Our Patients Say:

"This program has changed my life. I have dropped my feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. I feel as if I don't have to second guess myself anymore. Overall, I am more confident and secure in my actions and decisions, I remember things much better. I'm much more alert. My spirits have lifted. Most of all, the program has made my BRAIN WAKE UP!"

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Protect Your Memory

Free Memory Screenings
Where: The Brain Fitness Centers of Florida


Brain fitness is a proud partner with the

National Alzheimers Association


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